Things to do in Abu Dhabi in Christmas 2016

This is the ideal opportunity of year when guests plummet on Abu Dhabi, be it for yearly merriments or just to appreciate the ideal temperatures the season bears to its visitors. Be that as it may, in case you’re having an opportunity to stay in the coming months you’ll realize that arranging exactly how you’re going to keep yourself entertained can be a debilitating difficulty, which is the reason we’ve done the diligent work for you. Here,are a couple of things to do Abu Dhabi in your 2016 May visit. here is a list of Things to do in Abu Dhabi 

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fun things to do in Abu Dhabi


Over society’s range, from the political enclosure to the conciliatory corps, from the legal to the business area, Emirati ladies have assembled a more grounded country in 2015 as the vision of UAE’s pioneers empowered them to take more noteworthy strides.

The Ladies Strengthening 2016 project expects to help potential ladies business people to set up and oversee smaller scale ventures through the services.FAMILY Improvement Establishment , ABU DHABI is the coordinator of the occasion. A visit to such occasions gives you the energy to bring yourself up in this world.

Exhibitions start on 3rd May 2016 and lasts until November 17th , 2016.

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Takeoff display in Abu Dhabi accompanies the subject of a show of boats.The works touch on goals of Abu Dhabi’s conventional relationship as an authentic port-city through the visual and literary parts that allude to the ocean, exchange, and histories – words which are huge and synonymous to the capital emirate.

As a tribute to the UAE’s family line of cruising, ocean exchange and sea relic, Flight will likewise exhibit conventional Emirati verse and symbolism about the ocean, where portions will give knowledge into the mariners’ feelings of voyaging, the aching, rejoining, and the secret of the obscure out adrift, to his group back home.

Exhibitions start on 4th May 2016 and lasts until September 4th, 2016.



This will be set against the foundation of the profound history of the area and its social associations and hugeness over the globe. The exhibition hall will hold in trust for the country an accumulation of workmanship and antiquities from antiquated and living societies of the UAE, Arabia, and the more extensive Center East. It will end up being a home and an examination community for the investigation and assertion of the essentials of Emirati character and permit the UAE’s differing populace a chance to praise its social legacy

Exhibition started on MAR 09 ,2016 and lasts until  JUN 01, 2016



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